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Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith and author of "An American Revival: Why American Christianity Is Failing & How to Fix It."

Police Fatally Shoot 25-Year-Old During Traffic Stop in Salt Lake City Suburb, Bodycam Footage Released (Video)

Bodycam footage has been released showing the lead-up to the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Chase Allan by police officers during a traffic stop in a Salt Lake City suburb after he refused to identify himself and was found to be carrying a gun.

House Speaker McCarthy Vows Full Public Release of Capitol’s Jan 6 Surveillance Tapes

“We just want to make sure we go through them all, and it takes time," says McCarthy.

COVID Can Be Listed as Cause of Death ‘Even If the Original Infection Occurred Months or Years Before Death’: CDC Updated Guidance

The CDC's updated guidance allows certifiers to list "long COVID" as a cause of death even if the deceased person had not tested positive for COVID-19 for months or even years, based on careful review of medical records and autopsy reports.

COVID Vax Linked to Fivefold Increase in Cancer Biomarker: Cureus Journal of Medical Science

Female patient's cancer biomarker level increased by 4.9 times, or 393.67%, after taking the COVID vaccine.

MMR Vax Injuries Only Tracked for 180 Days, Never Tested for ‘Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility,’ Contains Ingredients Linked to Aborted Fetuses (Read Package...

One of the ingredients in the Priorix vaccine is derived from the lung tissue of a fetus that was aborted in the 1960s.

New York Court Workers Fired for Refusing COVID Vax Must Be Rehired, Given Back Pay

The New York State Public Employment Relations Board has ruled that non-judicial court employees who were fired for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 must be rehired and compensated, including back pay with interest.

COVID Vax Poses Increased Risk of Blood Clot, Red Blood Cell Destruction in People with Blood Disorders: Frontiers

COVID-19 vaccines pose risks of thrombosis and hemolysis for people with blood disorders, while certain adverse effects are linked to vaccines, according to a new journal article in Frontiers that calls for extra caution and future research.

Rep. Greene Tells Zelensky to ‘Leave Your Hands off of Our Sons and Daughters’ After He Said Americans ‘Will Be Dying’ (Watch)

Zelensky had said that if his conflict with Russia does not go his way, then Americans "will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending their sons and daughters to war."

COVID Vax Should Be Designated ‘Pregnancy Category X’: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. James Thorp

Dr. Thorp offers to testify in lawsuits against those promoting the vaccine and accuses the medical industry of corruption and unethical practices.

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