Over 200 Auburn University Students Baptized in Impromptu Spiritual Move

The spontaneous act of faith took place last Tuesday near a lake on the university grounds in Auburn, Alabama.

‘America Upheld California Leadership Summit’ Unites Faith and Freedom in Upcoming Elections

"We need to step up as believers," said Pastor Ché Ahn.

Biden Falls Asleep During Ceremony Honoring Maui Fire Victims

During a somber ceremony in Lahaina, intended to comfort the fire survivors and commemorate the losses experienced, President Joe Biden seemed to momentarily lose focus.

Hunter Biden Served as Managing Director at Chinese Firm Planning ‘Warfare’ to Propel China as Global Leader: Report

The firm, part of China's extensive political warfare apparatus, was actively devising strategies to outpace America on the global stage.

One of China’s Largest Real Estate Groups Posts Staggering $81 Billion Losses

China's real estate market is apparently collapsing.

Trump Slams Biden’s ‘Reckless Escalation’ in Ukraine, Promises Immediate Peace and ‘America First’ Revival Upon Reelection

Trump claimed that the Biden administration's handling of the situation was pushing the nation "further toward World War Three."

Elections Do Matter

The next generation is at stake

AF EXCLUSIVE: Revival Sparks Through Demon-Slaying: ‘Come Out In Jesus Name’ Movie Premieres This Weekend

The highly-anticipated documentary film "Come Out In Jesus Name" follows Pastor Greg Locke and his team of preachers as they embark on a quest for revival by casting out demons and in a recent interview, Pastor Locke shared his evolving relationship with politics and his vision for a new era of church awakening through spiritual warfare.

Baylor University’s Revival Leads to 20+ Baptisms

Baylor University has picked up the torch of Christian revival from Asbury University, hosting 72 hours of continuous prayer and worship this week which led to the baptisms of 20 people.

‘Revival Is in the Air’: New Reports of Spiritual Awakening as Huge Event Slated for April

The outpouring that began with the Asbury Awakening is reaching more young people as it marches on to both Christian and secular university campuses, churches, and youth events literally from one end of the country to another.

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