FDA Encourages People to Report ‘Misinformation’

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced an initiative where they are inviting people to report “misinformation” regarding health topics online. 

Trump Commands 43-Point Lead Over DeSantis Among GOP Primary Voters: Morning Consult Survey

The poll reveals that Trump has garnered an impressive 61% of potential Republican primary voters, solidifying his position as the frontrunner.

Hungary’s Orbán Warns of ‘Nation-Destroying Virus’ at CPAC Hungary Conference

"The woke movement and gender ideology are exactly what communism and Marxism used to be. They artificially divide the nation into minorities in order to foment discord between groups," said Orbán.

Document Shows Florida National Guard Is Training Ukrainian Military

Task Force Gator "arrived in Yavoriv, Ukraine to assume the JMTG-U mission," according to a document from Florida's Department of Military Affairs.

75% of Americans Attribute Rising National Division to Media: Poll

40% of Americans believe the press is harming democracy.

‘Woke’ Bed Bath & Beyond Files for Bankruptcy

Bed Bath & Beyond filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday after a series of efforts to keep the business alive failed.

Actress Patti LuPone Says Christian Right Is No Different from Taliban

Actress Patti LuPone said on "The View" this week that she doesn't know the difference between "our Christian Right and the Taliban."

Rep. Santos Introduces Bill to Prohibit Federal Vaccine Mandates Without 10-Year Marketing Authorization

"Medical Freedom is an absolute right. I urge my colleagues to join me in this mission to block tyrannical and draconian measures from being utilized by the Federal Government," says Rep. Santos.

Republican Bills Cut Off Funding for Manhattan DA Bragg, Other Law Enforcement Agencies

“This weaponized prosecutor’s office has spent thousands of federal taxpayer dollars to subsidize this political indictment and is demanding millions more in federal grants,” Rep. Biggs said.

Nearly 100 Babylon Bee ‘Joke Stories’ Have Become Reality

The Babylon Bee has had nearly 100 joke headlines turn into prophecies after the stories eventually came true, the CEO of America’s largest right-leaning satire website told Fox News.

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