Taxpayers Could Pay Up to $451 Billion for Border Crisis

An interim report from the House Republicans' Committee on Homeland Security revealed that the Biden administration's border policies could cost taxpayers as much as $451 billion.

Palestinian Students Shot, Seriously Injured Near University of Vermont

Three Palestinian students were shot and injured while attending a Thanksgiving holiday gathering near the University of Vermont over the weekend.

Houthi Spokesman Writes ‘Death to America’

Hezam al-Asad, a spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi group, wrote a message calling for the "death" of the United States.

North Dakota Air Base Warned Service Members Not to Attend ‘Dakota Patriot Rally’

The Minot Air Base warned service members not to attend the "Dakota Patriot Rally."

Understanding the Presidential Cabinet

The presidential cabinet is a crucial part of the United States government, responsible for advising the president on various matters and ensuring the smooth functioning of the executive branch.

L.A. Gun Owner’s Carry Permit Revoked After Opening Fire on Intruders

A Los Angeles father and husband who opened fire on an armed intruder earlier this month said his concealed carry permit has been taken from him following the incident.

Nashville Police ‘Greatly Disturbed’ By Manifesto Leak

The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department condemned the leak of the three pages of Audrey Hale's shooter manifesto.

‘Not the Right Time for Elections’: Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Ukrainians in an address that it is "absolutely irresponsible" to consider the country's presidential elections amid its ongoing conflict with Russia.

FBI Seen Recruiting During Pride Event in North Carolina

The FBI faced criticism after hosting a recruitment tent at an LGBTQ Pride event in North Carolina recently.

American Citizens Warned to Leave Lebanon

The State Department issued a travel advisory encouraging Americans to leave Lebanon.

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