House Passes $60 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill, GOP Members Threaten to Oust Johnson

The House of Representatives approved sending $60 billion to Ukraine for its defense against Russia’s invasion Saturday.

Trump Insists Europe ‘Equalize’ U.S. Funding for Ukraine

Donald Trump demanded that European countries provide funding for Ukraine to "equalize" what the United States has provided.

Foreign Funding Bill Advances

A bill that allocates almost $100 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific advanced.

Democrat Rosa DeLauro Criticizes House Republicans for Delaying Aid to Ukraine

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) sharply criticized House Republicans on Thursday during a debate on foreign aid, accusing them of obstructing the swift delivery of...

House Democrats Signal Willingness to Help House Speaker Mike Johnson Keep Job Amid GOP Rebellion

Several House Democrats indicated they would be open to aiding House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., in retaining his leadership position if Republican rebels move...

$95 Billion Provided for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) released the text of three foreign aid bills for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific.

Tempers Flare as House Committee Debates Biden Impeachment Allegations

A House hearing regarding the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden descended into chaos on Wednesday as Republican chairman James Comer and Democratic congressman...

US, UK to Restrict Trade of New Russian Metals Amid Ukraine Conflict

The United States and United Kingdom are implementing restrictions on the trade of new Russian-origin metals, including aluminum, copper, and nickel, on global metal...

US Concerned Over China’s Role in Facilitating Russia’s Military Expansion

A recent US assessment reveals that China is playing a crucial role in supporting Russia's largest military buildup since Soviet times by increasing exports...

US Considers Deploying Troops to Eastern Europe Amid Russian Threats

The United States is in discussions with NATO allies regarding the potential deployment of American military forces to Eastern Europe, a senior administration official...

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