Biden Administration Responds to Trump’s Appeal, Grants Secret Service to RFK Jr.

He demanded that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receive Secret Service protection from the Biden administration following the attempt on Donald Trump's life. Only hours...

Democratic Staffer Fired After Posting ‘Don’t Miss Next Time’

Jacqueline Marsaw, a former staffer for Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), has been fired after a since-deleted Facebook post appeared to support the assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

Secret Service Won’t Increase Security for RNC

The Secret Service announced during a press conference that it would not change its security plans for the Republican National Convention.

Biden Campaign Suspends Trump Attack Ads Following Assassination Attempt

President Joe Biden's campaign has suspended their ads attacking former president Donald Trump in light of the attempted assassination Saturday.

International Support for Trump Rises After PA Shooting 

International leaders are expressing their support on X of former President Donald Trump following the assassination attempt at his latest rally in Butler, PA.

Migrant Children Placed into MS-13 Household

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed unaccompanied migrant children were placed in a household linked with the gang MS-13.

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation for Gain-of-Function Oversight

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a bill that provides oversight for gain-of-function research.

Biden Admin Pauses Release of Migrants from ISIS-Recruiting Country

The Biden administration is pausing the release of migrants from Tajikistan due to terror concerns.

China Conducts Military Training Near U.S. Base in Europe

China is holding military training in Belarus near a U.S. Army base.

NATO Allies and Indo-Pacific Partners Unite Amid Global Security Challenges

In the midst of the third year of the conflict in Ukraine, NATO is well-positioned to deepen its military connections with these four non-member...

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