Households can earn $25 per hour for NOT working

'Nearly beyond dispute that supplemental unemployment benefits are reducing employment'


US Voters Support Breaking Up Big Tech: Poll

A new poll found that Americans support stricter regulations against Big Tech companies, Axios reported Friday.

Port Of LA Becomes First Ever In Western Hemisphere To Handle 1+ Million Containers In One Month

The Port of Los Angeles announced Tuesday that it had earned the distinction as the first port in the Western Hemisphere to handle more than 1 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in a single month.

New jobless claims at 412,000, more than expected

The number of new applications for unemployment benefits rose 37,000 last week to 412,000, the Labor Department reported on Thursday.

What lumber and gold prices tell us about the stock market’s next move

Commodities have an effect on stocks but the one to watch is platinum.

As labor crisis worsens, state offers $1,500 to residents who get back to work

Democratic Maine Gov. Janet Mills is bribing unemployed people to rejoin the workforce by offering a $1,500 bonus to eligible individuals who get off their sofas and back to work between now and June 30.

Democratic infighting threatens Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal push

Some Democrats want President Biden to abandon bipartisan talks.

Oil: Demand Reaches Maximum Velocity- Analysis

Crude oil approached multi-year highs last week as the velocity of the demand recovery narrative nullified negative short-term data points.

Sitting on ‘TIME BOMB’: Deutsche Bank issues grim post-pandemic warning for US economy

Further disregarding inflation will push the global economy to a major crisis, according to the latest report issued by Deutsche Bank economists who point the finger at the US money-printing policies.

Ransomware ‘business’ is hot as attacks surge

Healthcare and utilities sectors are most targeted