China deems all cryptocurrency transactions illegal

China's central bank declared on Friday that all cryptocurrencies are illegal, banning crypto-related transactions and cryptocurrency mining, according to Reuters.

Crypto industry faces $30 billion tax threat from infrastructure bill

It's finally "Infrastructure Week" and Congress is hammering out the details of a $1 trillion bill inching closer to the finish line. But one area that could face unpleasant consequences from the bill is cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos Crash After China Again Vows Crackdown On Mining And Trading

Another day, another attempt by China - where the reception of the digital yuan has been a total disaster so far much to Beijing's complete humiliation - to crash Crypto, with Reuters and Bloomberg reporting moments ago that just two days after the PBOC barred financial institutions from accepting bitcoin as payment, China's vice premier Liu He said (at 11pm on Friday local time) that China will crack down on bitcoin mining and trading activities, which of course is what we already knew.

Crypto & Gold Jump As Dollar Dumps, Stocks & Bonds Rise

Aside from a disappointing stagflationary miss on ISM Manufacturing (and Buffett and Munger musings on inflation), the big headlines of today are in crypto where altcoins are screaming higher...

Dogecoin: Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg Tweets Fuel Crypto Price Rally (video)

WSJ looks at why online investors are pouring money into the meme-inspired virtual currency.

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