Mexican National Brutally Murdered Three Women in Dallas

A Mexican national has been accused of committing the murders of three women in Dallas, Texas.

ESPN Reportedly Firing 20 Major On-Air Hosts in Recent Layoffs

Sports broadcasting giant ESPN has reportedly let go of around 20 on-air personalities, including some of the network’s most well-known commentators, analysts and journalists.

Ford Launches ‘Redefining Tough’ Campaign, Features LGBT Truck

The video was produced by Ford's European division.

Video Shows Smuggler Dumping Baby At River’s Edge; Border Patrol Comes To The Rescue

Border Patrol agents on Monday rescued a 1-year-old baby after a smuggler at the southern border dumped the child by the edge of the Colorado River. 

New Documents Show Joe Biden’s Involvement in Son Hunter’s Ukraine Business Dealings: America First Legal

Newly released documents obtained by America First Legal suggest that Joe Biden was directly involved in his son's business dealings in Ukraine during his tenure as Vice President in the Obama Administration.

Pentagon Releases Video of Russian Jet Dumping Fuel on U.S. Drone in Black Sea (Video)

The Pentagon has released a video showing a Russian fighter jet dumping fuel on a US surveillance drone in international airspace over the Black Sea, causing damage to the drone's propeller.

‘Twice as Contagious’ Delta Variant Emerged In India Less Than a Month After Pfizer Announced COVID-Related Monkey Research—Pfizer HQ’d in Mumbai

A Pfizer executive claims in a video that the company had been exploring ways to "mutate" the coronavirus via "directed evolution" by experimenting on monkeys and the Delta variant, which is more contagious, was discovered in India a month after Pfizer announced its monkey research.

Republican Governor’s Association Builds Anti-Trump War Chest With Ron DeSantis

The RGA filled DeSantis' coffers while hanging conservative candidates in competitive states out to dry.

Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History

This is a “brief history” because the complete history of Democrat electoral malfeasance reaching back to Tammany Hall and Tweed would require four volumes or more.

Plan to Ban Women From Australian National Park Sparks Outrage

A plan to ban women from access to part of a New South Wales, Australia national park has caused uproar among local Indigenous women, who have branded the move “discriminatory.”

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