CNN Poll Expert ‘Speechless’ After Trump Gains ‘Historic’ Black Votes

CNN poll analyst Harry Enten was left "speechless" after data showed Donald Trump gaining the support of black voters.

Analyst Finds VAERS Data Underreported Children’s COVID-Vax Deaths

Medical data expert Albert Benavides revealed that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has covered up the deaths of children from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ohio Billionaire Planning to Return to Titanic Explosion Site in Summer 2026

An Ohio billionaire is planning a deep sea voyage to explore the remains of the Titanic, despite the implosion that cost the lives of five men last summer.

Trump Stirs Concern with Post-Election Remarks

Former President Donald Trump's recent comments have raised concerns about his stance on election outcomes, with implications for potential post-election unrest. In an interview with...

Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampment’ at UC Santa Cruz Demands Boycott of Jewish Groups

An encampment started by Students of Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of California Santa Cruz has demanded that the university cut ties with Jewish community organizations.

Jewish Leaders: Antisemitism in U.S. Worsens, Urgent Action Needed

Six months after Jewish groups warned the Biden administration about rising antisemitism in the United States, Jewish leaders and a Middle East expert told...

US President Biden’s Remarks on Japan and India Spark Diplomatic Concern

President Joe Biden has criticized Japan and India, along with Russia and China, as countries that "don't want immigrants," remarks that come shortly after...

‘Patriots’ Day’: American Minute with Bill Federer

The sun never set on the British Empire. It was the largest empire in world history. Out of nearly 200 countries in the world, only 22 were...

California Looks to Develop ‘Geneology Office’ for Reparations

The California Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation that would create an agency to pass out reparations payments.

Study Links COVID-19 Vaccine with Surging Cancer Rates

A preprint study has linked COVID-19 vaccines with rising cancer rates and called for further research on the matter.

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