Italy Withdraws From China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Italy has informed China that it is removing itself from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Study Finds Gender Transition Surgeries Do Not Improve Mental Health

A Finnish study found that gender reassignment (GR) surgeries do not benefit the patient's mental health.

Hunter Biden Faces Indictment Charges in California

President Biden's son Hunter Biden was reportedly indicted in California Thursday on a multitude of tax charges, according to documents.

Iran-Linked Hackers Target U.S. Water Systems

Federal agencies are warning that Iran-affiliated hackers have targeted U.S. water systems that use materials made by Israeli firm Unitronics.

Pennsylvania Voters at ‘Peak of Mistrust’ After Voting Machines Glitch for Second Time

Pennsylvania voters are doubting the integrity of local elections in the county of Northampton after issues with touchscreen voting devices arose on the latest election day.

Illegal Immigrants in Chicago Admit To Sending Their U.S. Dollars Back Home

A recent interview with several illegal aliens in Chicago revealed those individuals from Venezuela send most of the U.S. dollars they are able to gather back to their home country for their families.

More Than 5,000 Churches Leave United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ Issues

Since the beginning of 2023, more than 5,200 churches have disaffiliated themselves from the United Methodist Church (UMC).

Average Thanksgiving Dinner Up 25% From 2019

A report from the American Farm Bureau Federation found that the average Thanksgiving meal for 10 people costs 25% more compared to 2019.

Democratic Senator Questions Legality of Surveillance Program

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is questioning the legality of a White House surveillance program that allows law enforcement to access Americans' phone records.

COVID School Closures Linked to Youth Suicide

A report published in the JAMA Network Open stated that there is an association between youth suicidality and school closures from COVID-19.

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