‘Eco-Friendly’ Paper Straws May Pose Health, Environmental Risks: Study

Supposedly green alternatives might contain chemicals detrimental to both the environment and human health.

Coors Light to Host Denver Pride Parade Months After Bud Light Boycott

Beer company Bud Light is reportedly hosting Denver's Pride Parade just months after Bud Light faced backlash for partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Over 150 Starbucks Branches Across U.S. Set to Strike in Response to Alleged LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Decor Ban

Workers' union has also pointed to numerous incidents of supposed unfair labor practices.

Federal Jury Orders Starbucks to Pay $25.6 Million to Former Manager Fired for Being White

A federal jury ordered Starbucks to pay $25.6 million to a manager fired for being white.

Starbucks Union Says Coffee Chain Is Now Banning Pride Decorations

Andrew Trull, a spokesperson for Starbucks, issued a statement denying any alterations in the company's stance or policies concerning Pride or other heritage month celebrations.

Starbucks Launches Palm Payment in Washington

Starbucks has begun using Amazon's palm payment system in a location north of Edmunds, Washington.

These 51 Big Businesses Target Conservatives. Here’s What You Can Do to Stop Them

It is not a secret that over the past decade, hundreds of large U.S. corporations have adopted woke policies, regularly injecting left-wing ideals into their products, services and employment practices.

Federal Judge Bans Starbucks From Firing Union Supporters

A federal judge in Detroit on Friday ordered Starbucks from firing any employee who engages in union organizing at any of its stores nationwide.

Watchdog Group Identifies Companies Prone to ‘Political Bias’

Conservative non-profit organization 1792 Exchange released a report detailing the most "politically biased" companies.

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