Phil Hotsenpiller
Phil Hotsenpiller is the Founder and President of American Faith and the Senior Pastor of Influence Church. He is a Biblical Prophecy Expert, Cultural Thought Leader, and a Passionate Patriot.

He comes from a military family reaching back to the Revolutionary War. His father, Lieutenant Colonel Harry A. Hotsenpiller, was a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Army and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery with Full Military Honors.

Phil has conducted interviews with various media outlets, including The Washington Post, USA Today, Fox News, CNN, The Christian Post, The History Channel, The Telegraph. Phil earned a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Divinity, and conducted postgraduate studies at Oxford University. He has published ten books, including the highly acclaimed “One Nation without Law.”

An advocate of lifelong learning, Phil’s quest for knowledge transcends the business and theological realm into his everyday life. He can impress you with useful wine facts, an extensive collection of rare leather-bound books, and a plethora of random dinner conversation starters.

Phil is married to Tammy, and together they have three married children and seven grandchildren.

American Faith is a nonprofit news media network that provides breaking news and analysis on current events. Grounded in a love of country, a passion for freedom and a heart of faith We are the news outlet of We the People.


To advance the cause of Truth and Freedom.


In 2020 we witnessed first-hand the negative impact of media bias and censorship on public opinion, constitutional freedoms, and the integrity of our government institutions. We knew we had to do something. In early 2021 we assembled a team with a clear goal in mind: launch an unbiased, patriotic news media network to stand up to mainstream media, big tech, and government corruption. American Faith was born.

Since launch, we have grown rapidly by providing quality and trustworthy news and analysis on stories that matter. We see that many of our most popular and consequential stories are grossly underreported by other outlets, and so we continue to focus on the narrow path of reporting the facts and telling the truth.


  • The truth is objective, not subjective
  • News must be impartial if it's to add value to society
  • Quality, accuracy and reliability are essential for earning trust
  • Shared values makes our nation stronger
  • America is worth fighting for and everyone has a part to play