China Tells Israel to Exercise ‘Restraint’ with Iran

A Chinese-state-affiliated news agency implored Israel to exercise "restraint" with Iran as the country is recovering from the recent barrage of missiles.

Biden Faces Backlash Over Iran Conflict Handling, U.S. Military Assists Israel

President Joe Biden faced criticism for his handling of escalating tensions in the Middle East after Iran's missile and drone strikes against Israel over...

Lawsuit Claims Biden’s Aid to Gaza and West Bank Supports Terrorism, Violates Taylor Force Act

In a lawsuit led by Rep. Ronny Jackson and victims of past terror attacks in Israel, the Biden administration is accused of unlawfully providing...

Conservative Voices at Fox News Highlight Trump’s Respect for Judiciary Amid Trial

In a striking departure from the mainstream narrative, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner commended former President Donald Trump on Monday for his conduct during...

Judge Merchan Threatens to Arrest Trump if He Fails to Appear for Each Day of Trial

Judge Juan Merchan has threatened to arrest Donald Trump if he does not appear in court for each day of the document case trial.

White House Advisor John Kirby Blames Trump After Iranian Attack Against Israel

White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby defended President Biden's record on Iran during an interview over the weekend, despite the fact that they attacked Israel in direct defiance of Biden’s warning.

Biden Tells Netanyahu U.S. Will Not Support Israeli Counterattack Against Iran

President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend that the United States would not support an Israeli counterattack against Iran.

Activists in Chicago Cheer After Learning Iran Launched an Attack on Israel

Activists in Chicago cheered after learning that Iran had launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday.

Biden Officials Criticize Netanyahu and Israel As Iran Attacks Israel

As Joe Biden was speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, senior Biden administration officials were talking down Netanyahu and Israel in leaks to the media.

4 Teens In Germany Arrested For Planning Terror Attack On Christians and Jews

Four teenagers in Germany have been arrested for allegedly planning an Islamic terrorist attack against Christians and Jews.

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