MSNBC ‘Military Analyst’ Mistakes Video Game Clip for War in Ukraine

Four-star general thought video game clip showed real war footage.

Twitter Senior Engineer Says Company ‘Does Not Believe in Free Speech, Employees Are ‘Commie’

Undercover video sheds light on Twitter insiders' view of free speech and the possible takeover by Elon Musk.

Musk Says $44 Billion Deal Hangs on Proof Spambots Account For 5% Or Less of Total Users

Deal put on hold until proof of the number of spambots is provided.

Senate Moves $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package Forward

Critics are calling out the Senate's decision due to shortages and other economic pressure on Americans.

Elon Musk Claims He Will Vote Republican in Next Election

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he will be voting Republican in the next election, despite “overwhelmingly” voting for Democrats throughout his life.

How ‘Green’ Cars Pollute More Than Gas-Powered Engines: Study

Remember the complaints about the feasibility of electric vehicles, particularly in terms of limited range? Well, guess what, you climate-denier: You can’t keep hiding behind that excuse!

Biden Connects Buffalo Mass Shooting to Jan 6

Biden connected the racist mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday to the protests of Trump supporters on January 6.

Bill Martinez: How Much Is Enough?

We the People have a critical and binary decision to make.

Biden Approves Sending Troops to Somalia

Biden has authorized the deployment of hundreds of Special Operations troops to Somalia, according to a senior U.S. defense official.

Suspect in Church Shooting Is Chinese Immigrant Motivated by Hate for Taiwanese, Police Say

The man accused of opening fire at a church in California is a Chinese immigrant who was allegedly motivated by hate for Taiwanese people.

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