Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin to Visit North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly expected to make a quick visit to the communist country of North Korea this week.

G7 Leaders to Use Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine Aid

G7 leaders reached an agreement to use frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine.

Russian Naval Fleet Enters Cuba, Sending Message to Biden

As they get ready for military exercises in the Caribbean, a fleet of Russian warships entered Cuban territorial seas on Wednesday. The deployment is probably...

Increased Naval Activity: US Monitors Russian Ships Near Florida Coastline

Open source maritime and aerial monitoring data indicates that US naval and aviation assets appear to be shadowing Russian warships that skirted Florida's eastern...

Press Secretary Faces Questions Over Biden’s Popularity in Swing States

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced repeated questions from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday regarding President Joe Biden's low...

House Passes $60 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill, GOP Members Threaten to Oust Johnson

The House of Representatives approved sending $60 billion to Ukraine for its defense against Russia’s invasion Saturday.

European Council President Pushes ‘War Economy,’ Defense Preparation

European Council president Charles Michel said that Europe must strengthen its defense measures and shift to a "war economy."

Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Elections in Landslide Victory

President Vladimir Putin won in a record landslide in Russia's election over the weekend.

Putin Warns of Nuclear Readiness Amid Ukraine Tensions

In a statement on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin warned the West that Russia was prepared for nuclear conflict and cautioned that deploying U.S. troops...

NATO Presence in Ukraine ‘Not Unthinkable,’ Says Polish Foreign Minister

During discussions marking Poland's 25th anniversary of NATO membership in the Polish parliament, Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski expressed openness to the presence of NATO...

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