Navy engineer, wife charged with trying to pass nuclear submarine secrets to foreign power

Espionage case aided last December when an FBI official received a package sent to the foreign country containing U.S. Navy documents, a letter and instructions for how to conduct encrypted communications with the defendant, unsealed charges show.

‘Who broke the internet?!’ Major outages hit Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Zoom, Snapchat & others after FB crash

Many of the world’s largest apps and websites, including for banks and airlines, faced a cascade of outages all in the space of a few hours, prompting panic among netizens as some demanded to know who broke the internet.

China deems all cryptocurrency transactions illegal

China's central bank declared on Friday that all cryptocurrencies are illegal, banning crypto-related transactions and cryptocurrency mining, according to Reuters.

Crypto industry faces $30 billion tax threat from infrastructure bill

It's finally "Infrastructure Week" and Congress is hammering out the details of a $1 trillion bill inching closer to the finish line. But one area that could face unpleasant consequences from the bill is cryptocurrencies.

Powell Tells Senate He’s “Not Concerned” With Rising Cost Of Living

Powell has made some more eye-catching comments, the first concerning keeping the public focused on "risk management".

Bitcoin will go all the way to $160K this year, CEO of crypto lending platform predicts

As the price of the world’s top cryptocurrency, bitcoin, continues to hover around $30,000, some industry experts are voicing their bullish long-term views on the matter.

China’s central bank calls for tougher measures on digital currencies

The People’s Bank of China has held talks with a number of Chinese banks and financial institutions, urging them to thoroughly screen clients’ accounts for cryptocurrency transactions, and cut relevant payment links.

GOP House Campaign Arm to Accept Crypto Donations

The National Republican Congressional Committee will become the first national party group to accept donations in cryptocurrency, Axios reported.

‘Where the crypto market goes from here is completely dependent on the stock market,’ says digital-asset tycoon Barry Silbert

Want to know where the crypto market goes from here? Barry Silbert, a power player in the digital-asset sector, says that investors ought to look no further than the stock market, in a Sunday-night tweet amid a downturn in digital assets.

Dogecoin prices surge 40% higher but here’s one sign the crypto is headed for a lasting breakout

‘Intermediate-term momentum is positive, and short-term momentum is improving. Relative strength versus bitcoin has turned up, but seems fragile,’ says Fairlead’s Katie Stockton

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