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An Office Manager from Florida and a Gates-Funded Professor Are Censoring Studies Linking Mask Usage to Increased Deaths


American Faith Scores Spot on NY Times Square Billboard: 1500 Broadway

Ad expected to receive 340,000 views per day.

Florida Congressman Files Bill Letting States Enforce Immigration Laws When Feds Don’t

Legislation announced after Biden administration decided to terminate Title 42 restrictions on illegal migrants.

Florida Rep. Files Bill Allowing States to Enforce Immigration Laws that Federal Government Won’t

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., has filed a bill that would give states a greater ability to enforce immigration laws when the federal government won’t.

Forbes Removes Contributor After ‘Numerous’ Articles About Fauci

Forbes has cut off its association with a prolific contributor after he wrote a number of articles about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Forbes recently removed Adam Andrzejewski,...

Supreme Court to Review Colorado’s Constant Attacks on Jack Phillips, Other Christians

The United States Supreme Court will be looking into the years-long battle between Jack Phillips and the state of Colorado stemming from his refusal to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

CDC Study Finds COVID Vax Linked to 133% Greater Chance of Myocarditis

January study showed serious increase in risk of inflammation of the heart muscle for those who have received an mRNA COVID vaccination.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Puts an End to Many COVID Protocols as Omicron Reports Decrease

Johnson announced that Britain would be taking a step back toward normal as some of the coronavirus mandates would be lifted as Omicron case reports recede.

Christian Teachers Fight Transgender Pronoun Policies

While the legal battles surrounding First Amendment claims by a number of creative professionals have garnered attention, similar battles are being waged across the county by Christian teachers who are opposing “woke” policies regarding gender identity.

Biden’s Contradictions

On the menu today: The public remarks of President Biden get covered by the national news media, but they tend to come and go with minimal impact, in large part because the president just blurts out whatever sounds good in his head, regardless of its accuracy, and he frequently contradicts himself.

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