‘No Thanks’ to Bill Gates Plan to Block Sun With Chalk Dust, Scandinavia Says

Three Swedish environmental groups joined the Saami Council, which defends the rights of the reindeer-herding people from Norway to Russia, in opposing the Gates-funded project to release chalk dust from a balloon 12 miles up in the atmosphere to block solar radiation.


Should I stop giving my money to Major League Baseball?

The question now comes to Major League Baseball, and it comes at a time when conservatives feel more cornered than ever.

VIDEO: ‘New Normal’? Davos Billionaire Crowd Pushes Orwellian ‘Smart Mask’

Just as many US states are seeing Covid numbers plummet, Klaus "trans-humanist" Schwab's World Economic Forum is pushing a new "smart mask" that not only tells you when to take a breath of fresh air: it also warns you to put it on if you've forgotten it.

The Agenda of Black Lives Matter Is Far Different From the Slogan

Visit the Black Lives Matter website, and the first frame you get is a large crowd with fists raised and the slogan “Now We Transform.”

Fans Are Tuning Out on Woke Sports

Viewership is down across the board — but still boardrooms aren’t listening.

Jeff Bezos Just Endorsed Corporate Tax Hikes. Here’s Why Amazon’s Support Should Be a Giant Red Flag

When Big Business comes together to collude with Big Government, it usually means everyday people are about to get ripped off.

Day 70: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Only 37% Infrastructure, Even POLITICO Slams “Not Accurate” Claims

On Day 70, Biden’s “infrastructure” plan was unveiled—and it contained so much more than infrastructure. Even POLITICO – not exactly hostile to Biden – has rated his claims about the plan “not accurate.”

The Kind of Leaders Needed to Save America

It’s undeniable that when conservative ideas flourish, so does America.

Woke Capitalism Strikes Again in Georgia

If the problem of “woke capitalism” wasn’t apparent before, the battle over Georgia’s new election-integrity law has drawn it out into the open.

‘Dear Don Lemon, You’re not God’

The CNN host declares that 2,000 years of church teaching on sexual dignity, morality and about God is wrong

Readers to Politicians: You’re Not Listening!

A few weeks ago, this column focused on the need for citizens who are unhappy with the state of our political and justice systems to speak up about their concerns.