The Supreme Court’s Day of Reckoning is Coming

The election of 2020 is going to lay bare the dereliction of the Supreme Court for all to see. The COVD-19 pandemic gave numerous state election officials an excuse to implement far-reaching changes to our election processes.


Cancel culture literally prohibits conservative voices on college campuses

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. It should be revered on our college campuses. Sadly, that is where it is most at risk.

Harvard Business Review: Minimum Wage Hikes Led to Lower Worker Compensation, New Research Shows

New research published in the Harvard Business Review reveals (once again) that minimum wage laws achieve unintended results.

Conservatives Are Winning the Battle Against Critical Race Theory

While being a conservative typically means having a constant case of cynicism, I’m going to pump some optimism into the atmosphere this morning — conservatives are winning the battle against critical race theory.

15 States Are Moving to Curb Public Health Agency Powers Following Lockdown Carnage

More than a dozen states have passed or advanced legislation to place new checks on the powers of public health agencies in the wake of the pandemic.

If Biden Won’t Secure the Border, Texas Will

Gov. Greg Abbott reveals plan for stringent border security.

Biden, Left-Wing Media Still Pushing Myth That White Supremacy Is ‘Deadliest Terrorism Threat’ In U.S.

There's a reason the Biden administration and left-wing media outlets don't cite any data.

China and the Coronavirus: America Must Uncover the Truth

For over a year, the world has been preoccupied with fighting COVID-19. The tide of that battle has now turned. And it is now time for the free world to turn its attention to what caused this pandemic: the malicious and destabilizing behavior of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Lessons of Waco

April 19 was the 28th anniversary of one of the most shameful episodes in modern American history: the massacre of 76 innocent men, women, and children by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in a military-style assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

Biden’s Climate Change Stance Exposes A Delusional Administration

In an address this week to U.S. military forces at the Royal Air Force base in Mildenhall, England, President Joe Biden tried to convince troops climate change is “the greatest threat facing America.”