New York to Rescind COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

New York officials plan to rescind a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

92% Vaccinated China Expects to Suffer 65 Million New COVID Infections Per Week

Raising questions about the vaccine's advertised ability to protect against the disease.

Witness Claims Ballot Curers Told to Leave Early: Kari Lake Trial

A witness in Kari Lake's three-day trial testified that Maricopa County ballot curers and signature reviewers were told to leave early.

IRS Dissolves Hunter Biden Tax Fraud Investigative Team in Controversial Move Labeled ‘Clearly Retaliatory’ by Whistleblower

Hunter Biden, 53, is currently under scrutiny for allegedly failing to pay taxes on several millions in income, largely sourced from overseas.

Is Mainstream Media Covering Up Biden Family Influence Peddling Revelations with Santos’ Arrest Story?

We can only speculate as to why establishment media made the editorial decision to prioritize the Santos arrest story over the Biden family revelations.

Peter Navarro Claims ‘Trump Got Lied To’ About COVID Vaccines

Big Pharma made Trump "think that it was a true vaccine when it’s not.”

Australian Doctor Initiates Class Action Lawsuit Against Gov’t Over COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

Therapeutic Goods Administration "did not fulfill their duty to properly regulate the COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in considerable harm and damage to Australians," says Queensland lawyer.

U.S. Economy Encounters Slowdown with Only 1.1% Growth in Q1 2023

In Q4 2022, the growth rate was 2.6%, while in Q3 2022, it reached 3.2%.

Trump Says He is the Only 2024 Presidential Candidate Who Can ‘Prevent World War III’

Former President Donald Trump claimed that he is the only 2024 presidential candidate who can “prevent World War III.”

U.S. Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status Faster Than Expected, Says Eurizon SLJ Capital CEO

"The dollar suffered a stunning collapse in 2022 in its market share as a reserve currency, presumably due to its muscular use of sanctions," says CEO and co-CIO of Eurizon SLJ Capital.

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