Biden Campaign Tests Harris’s Electability Against Trump in New Survey

Vice President Kamala Harris's campaign analytics team led by President Joe Biden has commissioned a voter survey this week to see how she would...

Biden Administration is Desperate to Remove Verbal Gaffes From Interview Transcripts

A verbal gaffe made by President Joe Biden during his ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos was removed after the Biden Administration pressured the publication to change the wording to reflect better on the President.

Biden Reportedly Preparing to Quit Campaign, Officials Claim Otherwise

Bill O'Reilly said that reports suggest President Joe Biden will "quit the campaign."

Riots Break Out in France After Right-Wing Election Victory

Riots broke out in France over the weekend after the right-wing candidate won the first round of legislative elections.

U.S. Asks Boeing to Plead Guilty in Fatal Crash Cases

The U.S. Justice Department is pushing for Boeing to plead guilty to a criminal charge after several fatal crash cases involving their planes.

Four Dead, 151 Injured in Crimea Missile Strike; Russia Blames U.S.

At least four people were killed and 151 injured in an attack on Crimea using ATACMS missiles supplied by the United States, which the...

Trump to Create Task Force Combatting ‘Anti-Christian Bias’

During a recent speech, Donald Trump promised to establish a task force to combat the pervasive "anti-Christian bias."

Theodore Roosevelt – American Minute with Bill Federer

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., was born October 27, 1858. As a child, he had debilitating asthma, often waking up at night as if being smothered to death. At 6-years-old, he...

Gunmen Open Fire at Churches, Synagogue in Russia

Multiple gunmen opened fire at different places of worship Sunday, killing at least 15 police officers and a priest.

Trump Urges Christians to Get to the Polls in November: ‘We Have to Make Sure They Vote’

Former President Donald Trump is urging Christians to vote in the upcoming 2024 elections.

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