Denver Announces Budget Cuts to Police, Fire Departments Amid Migrant Crisis

Denver, Colorado announced budget cuts to the police, sheriff, and fire departments to provide for migrants.

Millennials Fleeing Blue States

The millennial generation, those born between 1982 and 2000, are fleeing blue states.

UN-Affiliated Organization Offers Position for Migrant Flight Coordinator

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), a group connected to the United Nations (UN), looked to hire a coordinator to facilitate migrant flights in the United States.

Taxpayer Dollars Provided to Teach LGBT Refugees How to Use Computers

The State Department and the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) funded programs to help LGBTQ refugee entrepreneurs, teach LGBTQ refugees how to use computers, and support Costa Rica's status as a country granting asylum to LGBTQ individuals.

Migrant Populations Surge in U.K.

Data from Britain's Home Office revealed that 62,336 migrants were granted refugee status in 2023.

Rioting in The Hague: Migrants and Police Clash in Night of Unrest

Mass violence erupted in The Hague, Netherlands, Saturday night as hundreds of African migrants clashed with police, vandalized property, and ignited fires, underscoring ongoing...

‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Tap Water, May Spread Cancer Cells

A new study from Yale School of Public Health found that "forever chemicals" found in tap water may spread cancer.

Rallies Across Border States Amplify Calls for Action Amidst Illegal Immigration Surge

Despite assertions from left-leaning voices, the paramount threat to national security isn't climate change; it's the surging influx of illegal migrants breaching our southern border in unprecedented numbers. Several apprehensions at the border have involved individuals on the FBI terrorist watch list.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Defends Against Impeachment Allegations

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a robust defense against the impeachment articles levied against him, denouncing the allegations as "false" and urging Congress...

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