U.S. Announces $290 Million in Military Aid for Poland

U.S. Congress has approved $288.6 million in military aid for Poland in order to increase Poland’s capacity to deter and defend in the face of Russian aggression.

Young Medical Student Dies from Heart Attack One Day After Receiving COVID Vax

Regan Lewis was a 20-year-old Kansas medical student.

Woke Candy?: New Purple M&M ‘Designed to Represent Acceptance and Inclusivity’

In time for Halloween, the candy company debuted the new M&M with a song called "I'm Just Gonna Be Me," featuring an accompanying music video.

Florida Issues Warnings as Hurricane Expected to Make Landfall Tuesday

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued new warnings Monday ahead of Hurricane Ian, expected to make landfall this week. It was upgraded from a tropical...

CCP Diplomat Tried to Lobby US Lawmakers to Deflect Blame for Causing US’ Fentanyl Crisis

The Chinese regime’s top diplomat has been reaching out to members on the House Intelligence Committee to deflect responsibility for the flow of illicit fentanyl into...

Gavin Newsom: The King of Late-Term Abortion

Don’t be fooled. California’s Proposition 1 Will Legalize Unspeakable Atrocities.

School Shutdowns Leave Children Behind

A new report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a program of the US Department of Education, confirms what most parents already knew: shutting down the schools because of the panic over covid was a disaster for American schoolchildren.

Biden Admits to Lie: ‘I Wasn’t Arrested’ Trying to See Mandela

After claiming three times in 2020 to have been arrested while attempting to see South African leader Nelson Mandela, President Joe Biden came clean on Friday, the New York Post reported."I said once — I said I got arrested. I wasn't arrested. I got stopped, prevented from ...

Candace Owens Says She Was Threatened With Misdemeanor, CPS After Birth of Child

Conservative author and podcaster Candace Owens gave a harrowing account of her hospital experience when she gave birth to her second child, a daughter, in July.

Famine in the Uyghur Lands: Accident or Accelerating Genocide?

The East Turkestan National Awakening Movement (ETNAM) held a Sunday protest in Washington calling on the Chinese government to stop the famine in East Turkestan (China’s Xinjiang Province), a result of the lockdown in the region.

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