Biden Claims House GOP ‘Playing Chicken’ With National Security

President Joe Biden claimed that House Republicans are "playing chicken" with U.S. national security, as they have refused further funding for Ukraine unless security for the southern border is also provided.

UPenn Donor Withdraws $100 Million Donation After President’s Testimony on Antisemitism

A large donor to the University of Pennsylvania is withdrawing a donation around $100 million in response to the college’s handling of antisemitism on campus.

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Allowing Parents To Anonymously Surrender Infant

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers signed a bill this week that allows parents to safely and anonymously surrender their newborns to a safe haven box.

Study Finds Gender Transition Surgeries Do Not Improve Mental Health

A Finnish study found that gender reassignment (GR) surgeries do not benefit the patient's mental health.

San Antonio Airport Reportedly Operating ‘Secret’ Migrant Camp

The San Antonio Airport has reportedly been operating a "secret" migrant camp for more than half a year, according to the Daily Mail.

House Oversight Committee Threatens Hunter Biden With Contempt of Congress

The GOP House Oversight Committee has threatened to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress if he does not appear for his December 13 deposition.

FBI Targeted Catholics in ‘Domestic Extremism’ Investigation

The latest report from the House GOP Weaponization of Government Committee found that the "FBI abused its counterterrorism tools to target Catholic Americans as potential domestic terrorists."

Speaker Johnson Requires January 6 Footage Faces Must Be Blurred Prior to Public Release

Speaker Mike Johnson announced this week that in order to protect individuals from potential retaliation or legal consequences, faces in the January footage will be blurred before being released to the public.

Faith Leaders Pray Over Donald Trump in Iowa

A group of faith leaders in Iowa prayer over former President Donald Trump this weekend before delivering a speech to supporters.

North Dakota Governor Withdraws From Presidential Race

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) withdrew from the Republican presidential nomination race.

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