200 million

Will Someone Please Do a Twitter to Disney?

It’s both a joyous and sad experience to watch the denouement of an iconic American brand at the hands of the talentless Woke.

G20 Leaders Sign Agreement to Use Vax Passports to ‘Facilitate’ International Travel

The passports are expected to be issued through the World Health Organization (WHO).

G20 Globalists Call for Global Digital Health Certificate to Track Vax Status

The same technology pushed by the panel members has been researched by the WHO.

How Can We Trust the CDC With Our Children’s Health?

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tested positive for COVID last week in spite of being “up to date” with her vaccines.

Palm Print Payments Begin in China, U.S.

Palm print technologies have begun rolling out in China and Amazon in the United States.

Bill Gates Praises European Energy Crisis

Says crisis is "good for the long run."

Half a $Billion Withdrawn from BlackRock over Woke Investing Policies: Missouri

Missouri is following other Republican-led states to depart from the investment firm.

BlackRock Loses $1 Billion from Republican States Due to Woke Policies

The company's fossil fuel policies have come under fire.

White House Declares October 11 ‘International Day Of The Girl’

Biden emphasizes left-wing ideology: climate change, equity, LGBTQ rights.

Bill Gates Gives $200 Million Towards Global Digital ID System

The Gates Foundation donated $200 million to help promote an invasive global digital ID system.

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