Nikki Haley Ahead of Biden, Behind Trump

According to a new Messenger/Harris poll released this week, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley remains behind former President Donald Trump among Republican voters, but ahead of President Joe Biden.

Former U.S. Ambassador Accused of Spying For Cuba

A former ambassador to Bolivia has been charged by United States prosecutors for secretly working for the Cuban government and supporting its mission in collecting intelligence.

Large Group of Young Men From China Invade U.S. Border

A large group of military-age men from China invaded the southern border in California this week.

United States to ‘Quadruple’ Munitions Production: Pentagon

U.S Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that America's production of munitions will "quadruple."

White House Pressures House to Approve More Funding for Ukraine

White House Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young wrote a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), requesting more funds be given to Ukraine.

Masking Children Failed to Show ‘Real World Effectiveness’

A study from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that masking children failed to show any "real world effectiveness."

Air Force Studies Cancers for Service Members Who Worked With Nuclear Weapons

The Air Force is conducting a study on the correlation between service members who have worked with nuclear missiles in the past and the high rate of cancer.

Iran-Linked Hackers Target U.S. Water Systems

Federal agencies are warning that Iran-affiliated hackers have targeted U.S. water systems that use materials made by Israeli firm Unitronics.

Biden Admin to Spend $3 Billion to Address International Climate Change

Vice President Kamala Harris announced at the United Nations' annual climate summit that the U.S. will spend $3 billion to address climate change overseas.

U.S. Warship, Commercial Vessels Hit By Missiles in The Red Sea

Commercial ships were attacked over the weekend by drones and missiles in the Red Sea.

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