Court Blocks Remainder of Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

A federal appeals court blocked the remainder of President Joe Biden's student loan cancellation plan.

Zelenskyy to U.S. Lawmakers: ‘We Need You Right Now’ as Ukraine Faces Devastation

During a live-streamed address to the U.S. Congress, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy drew parallels between Ukraine’s struggle and historical U.S. tragedies such as Pearl...

Judge Dismisses Palestinians’ Bid to Halt US Funding to Israel on the Grounds of ‘Genocidal Deeds’ in Gaza

An attempt by a Palestinian NGO and Palestinian Americans to stop the United States from providing financial and other support to Israel for its...

FBI Enters Home of Attempted Trump Assassin

FBI agents entered the home of the attempted Donald Trump assassin, Thomas Crooks, in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Monday.

NATO Allies and Indo-Pacific Partners Unite Amid Global Security Challenges

In the midst of the third year of the conflict in Ukraine, NATO is well-positioned to deepen its military connections with these four non-member...

EV Batteries Linked to ‘Forever Chemicals’

A report from Business Insider details a new study published in the journal Nature Communications that revealed rechargeable lithium-ion batteries present in most electric vehicles (EVs) contain "forever chemicals."

Moscow Accused of War Crime After Missile Hits Ukrainian Children’s Hospital

Moscow is accused of committing a war crime after firing a large missile strike on a children's hospital during a military invasion of Ukraine. Following...

Democrats to Mobilize Against Bill Requiring Proof of U.S. Citizenship

House Democrats are planning to oppose a bill that requires voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before participating in federal elections.

Planned Parenthood Brags About Being a Leader in Hormone Therapy Treatments

Planned Parenthood is drawing attention for its role in providing transgender medical procedures, boasting about bing the second largest provider for hormone therapy in the country.

Biden Administration Weighs Increased Collaboration with Taliban to Combat ISIS-K

Two people with knowledge of the situation and a former U.S. official claim that Biden administration officials are considering increasing their collaboration with the...

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