Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Endorses Biden For President

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has endorsed President Joe Biden again for the upcoming election.

RFK Jr. Excluded from Presidential Debate, Biden and Trump to Face Off Alone

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will now face off one-on-one in the first presidential debate, which will be televised by CNN...

Vermont City Sued After Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Vote

The city of Burlington, Vermont, is being sued after allowing non-citizens to take part in its elections.

Former Obama Fundraiser is Now Backing Donald Trump

A former major fundraiser for Democrat Barack Obama now says she will be supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Gen-Z Influencers Feel Betrayed by Biden, Withhold Re-Election Support

Hundreds of the most prominent TikTok video artists united in 2020 with the singular objective of electing Joe Biden. To aid Biden in defeating...

Hundreds of Noncitizens Registered to Vote in D.C.

Hundreds of noncitizens are registered to vote in Washington, D.C.

Study Linking COVID Vaccines to Cancer Retracted After Public Pressure

A study linking the COVID-19 vaccine spike protein to cancer cell development was retracted, according to the paper's co-author.

Colonial Pastors Who Influenced American Government – American Minute with Bill Federer

A descendant of Protestant Reformer John Knox, Witherspoon was educated at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and afterwards served as a Presbyterian pastor. His writings brought him to the attention...

Leftist Claudia Sheinbaum Elected President of Mexico

Mexico has elected its first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum.

Texas Elementary School Teacher Caught Filming Inappropriate Videos Inside Classroom

A Texas elementary school teacher has been caught filming inappropriate videos inside her classroom and posting them on social media and is now under investigation.

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