COVID Cases Rise in Parts of U.S. With High Vax Rates

Areas with populations more than three-quarters vaccinated.

Navy Chief Takes ‘Woke’ Books Off Reading List

Number of books on the U.S. Navy's Professional Reading Program missing from updated reading list.

Longtime Analyst Mel Kiper Was Barred From NFL Draft Over Vaccine Status

Kiper has been a part of ESPN's draft coverage since 1984.

Federal Informant in Trump Investigation Found Dead After He’s Reported Missing

A federal informant who worked with federal authorities investigating links between former President Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank was found dead in Los Angeles on Monday, officials said.

Financial Records Reveal Biden Had $5.2 Million in Unexplained Income

Joe Biden agreed to pay son Hunter's legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company, emails reveal.

Illegals Storming Rio Grande After National Guardsman Drowns During Rescue

Illegal aliens continue pouring across the Rio Grande following the tragic death of a National Guard soldier who drowned during a rescue in the river last week.

Body of Hero National Guardsman Recovered at the Border

The body of a missing national guardsman was recovered by authorities at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Texas Military Department (TMD) said Monday.

Big Tech Censored Anti-Biden Content 646 Times Over Two Years

A database that tracks Big Tech censorship of President Joe Biden's critics has found more than 640 examples of bias against posts that could politically damage the president.

Ilhan Omar Faces Pushback for Complaining About Singing Christians on Airplane

Twitter users mocked Rep. Ilhan Omar after she hinted about the unfair reaction she and her Muslim family would receive on an airplane compared to airplane passengers singing Christian songs.

Biden’s New Battle Cry for the War on COVID

As President Joe Biden searches for slogans, excuses, and scapegoats to explain his miserable wreck of a presidency, I would suggest one for the handling of the never-ending COVID saga: “Not as bad as China.”

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