A Message from Our Founder

Ps. Phil Hotsenpiller

Today’s mainstream media is eroding the fabric of our society. Now is the time for news outlets such as American Faith to emerge, stand for truth, and spearhead a media revival. I firmly believe if people have access to uncensored news, we can see a nation restored—one that defends American values and liberties.

American Faith Media Network has quickly become the go-to news source for millions of Americans. We are committed to delivering truthful, uncensored news, analysis and opinion on current events with a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Help us stand up to big tech, mainstream media, and government overreach by supporting American Faith for just a $1 a month.

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  • Independent truthful news reporting and expansion; bringing you news you can actually trust and exposing the real-drivers behind current events and core societal issues.

  • Efforts to help revive and foster American values through grassroots, state-level, and national campaigns championing constitutional rights and freedoms.

Thank you for standing with us.

Phil Hotsenpiller