‘Patriots’ Day’: American Minute with Bill Federer

The sun never set on the British Empire. It was the largest empire in world history. Out of nearly 200 countries in the world, only 22 were...

Individual Sets Trailer Full of Bibles on Fire in Front of a Tennessee Church on Easter

An individual set a trailer full of Bibles on fire before fleeing the scene in front of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee on Easter Sunday.

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Criticizes White House Over ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

NBA star Jonathan Isaac criticized President Joe Biden over naming Sunday "Transgender Day of Visibility" on Easter Sunday, saying that the White House "know[s] exactly what they are doing."

Pastor Rob McCoy Says it is a ‘Challenging Time’ For Christianity

California Pastor Rob McCoy said in a recent interview that it is a "challenging time" for Christianity.

Evangelist on Mission for Revival at Southern Border

Texas evangelist Tony Suarez announced that he will hold a series of revival meetings near the U.S. southern border.

Pastor Removed From School Board Meeting After Reading Explicit Book Available to Students

A pastor was removed from a Texas school board meeting after reading content from an explicit book available to students at the Midland Independent School District.

Texas Democrat Says Christian Nationalism is a ‘Betrayal of Jesus’

Texas state lawmaker James Talarico (D) accused Christian nationalists of betraying Jesus.

New Hampshire Town Demands Site Review of Pastor’s House Gathering

First Liberty Institute filed a request for a preliminary injunction against the town of Weare, New Hampshire, claiming it violated the law by mandating a site review plan before a pastor could use his home for a religious gathering.

Christian Leaders Announce ‘Courage Tour’ Across Swing States

Christian speaker Lance Wallnau announced "The Courage Tour," where Christian leaders will travel across seven swing states leading up to the 2024 election.

ADL Denies Leftist Extremism of Nashville Shooter

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) denied the left-wing extremism of Nashville shooter Audrey Hale, instead claiming that right-wing extremists were the cause of "all" extremism-related shootings in 2023, according to The Daily Signal.

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