Immigration Policy

Indiana Attorney General Leads 18-State Lawsuit Against Biden Administration’s ‘Sham’ Immigration Policy

The federal government’s "recent reckless and unlawful coddling of illegal immigrants."

MTG to Introduce Impeachment Articles Against President Biden

Cites border security and controversial actions by attorney general.

Florida AG Suing Biden Over Immigration Policy

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has sued the Biden administration over a policy that allegedly violated a court order.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden’s ‘Catch and Release’ Border Policy in Florida

A federal judge in Florida has blocked President Biden's policy of releasing many people who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexican border rather than detaining them, stating that it violates U.S. immigration law.

Biden’s Overall Approval at 42%

A Harvard Caps/Harris poll revealed that 55% of Americans do not approve of Biden.

GOP Coalition of 9 States Move to End ‘Unconstitutional’ DACA Immigration Policy

"The Court should declare it unlawful and unconstitutional, vacate it in its entirety, and permanently enjoin its implementation (with a prudent transition for existing DACA recipients)," the court filing reads.

Feds Lost Track of 150K Migrants Due to Biden’s ‘No Processing’ Policy, Training Video Shows

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials lost track of 150,000 migrants that entered the United States due to the Biden administration's "no processing" immigration policy, a training video from the federal agency shows.

El Paso Declares State of Emergency as US-Mexico Border Crossings Surge

El Paso, Texas has declared a state of emergency and requested additional resources from the state due to a surge in border crossings and overwhelmed law enforcement.

Texas Busses 85 Migrants to Philadelphia

On Friday, two buses carrying nearly 90 migrants from Latin America arrived in Philadelphia.

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