Elon Musk’s Controversial Brain Chip Approved by FDA to Launch Human Clinical Trial

The technology apparently creates a connection between the human brain and a computer.

New York to Rescind COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

New York officials plan to rescind a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Fox News Allows Trans Ideology Off Camera: Report

The trans policies come from the company's 2021 handbook.

NIH Cuts Funding for Wuhan Lab Amid COVID-19 Origin Controversy

Until the recent update on May 17, the WIV was included among foreign facilities that can carry out animal experiments funded by U.S. taxpayers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Moves to Impeach FBI Director Christopher Wray

Wray has transformed the FBI into "Joe Biden and Merrick Garland's personal police force," according to MTG.

Federal Judge Blocks DHS from Using Parole to Catch and Release Illegal Immigrants, Thwarting Biden Admin’s Border Management Plans

Judge T. Kent Wetherell II claimed that the border problems are of President Biden's "own making," and that the administration possesses the power to resolve the issue without resorting to a blanket parole policy.

Mayorkas Says He ‘Respectfully Disagrees’ With Democrats On Biden’s Failed Border

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said this weekend that he disagrees with criticism from Democrats that the Biden Administration has failed regarding border crisis.

House Passes ‘Secure the Border Act’ to Address Immigration and Border Security Issues

"This bill secures the border from President Biden's record, crossings, record carelessness, and record chaos," said Speaker McCarthy. "We identified the problem. Rather than ignoring it, we listened to the American people. And then we took action."

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Three Bills Targeting China

The bills regard Chinese acquisition of American land, involvement in universities, and TikTok on government devices.

Video Shows 150,000 Illegal Aliens Camping Out, Waiting To Surge The U.S. Border

An estimated 150,000 illegal immigrants are expected to overwhelm the U.S. border starting Thursday when the Biden administration ends Title 42.

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