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Detroit Reparations Task Force Members Step Down Due To ‘Lack of Progress’

Two members of the reparations task force in Detroit said they would be stepping down on Saturday, arguing that the group did not have a strategy and was suffering a "lack of progress."

FBI Agent Carjacked

An FBI agent was carjacked in Washington, D.C on November 29.

U.S., Canadian Border Sees 550% Increase in Illegal Crossings

During the 2023 fiscal year, the United States/Canadian border saw a 550% increase in illegal immigrant crossings.

Columbia Students Stage Walkout From Hillary Clinton’s Class

Almost 30 students walked out of Hillary Clinton's class at Columbia University.

Tennessee Substitute Teachers Charged With Prostitution

LGBT activists said they would "starve" without prostituting themselves.

Portland Safety Commissioner Wants Residents to Stop Calling 911

In an unusual step reflecting the city's escalating drug crisis, Portland's Safety Commissioner, Rene Gonzalez, directed residents on Monday to abstain from calling 911 unless faced with life-or-death emergencies or ongoing crimes.

Ohio Human Trafficking Crackdown Results in 160 Arrests

The arrests also implicated individuals with intentions to have sex with minors and those promoting prostitution.

DOD Official Arrested for Operating Dogfighting Ring

The official had been part of the ring for over 20 years.

Jim Jordan Sends Another Subpoena to FBI Agent Elvis Chan

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is sending another subpoena to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Elvis Chan after Chan's scheduled interview fell through.

Spain Creates Europe’s First AI Task Force

Spain has created Europe's first artificial intelligence (AI) policy task force, taking the first step in determining laws surrounding the controversial technology.

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