Robert De Niro Joins Biden Campaign, Criticizes Trump in New Ad

Robert De Niro, long a vocal critic of Donald Trump, has lent his distinctive voice to a new official campaign ad for Joe Biden,...

Muslim Leader: ‘We are on the Road to the White House”

Islamic community leader Osama Siblani declared that Muslims are on the path to influencing Congress and the White House.

Ukraine Signs $1 Billion Deal For Weapons From Spain

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez signed a $1.08 billion agreement for military equipment this week.

Over 40 Mayors Ask President Biden to Create Jobs Program For Illegals

More than 40 mayors and county officials across the United States are reportedly asking President Joe Biden to expedite work permits to grant millions of illegal immigrants jobs.

Youth Fentanyl Overdoses ‘More Than Double’ Since 2020

Fentanyl has “largely fueled” an increase in youth overdose deaths since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported.

Xi Jinping Invites Americans to Travel to China to Boost Economy

The Chinese government held a “tourism leadership summit” to encourage Americans to visit China, featuring an invite from dictator Xi Jinping.

Lara Trump on Lawfare: ‘In God We Trust’

Lara Trump appeared at the American Faith Gala to share her thoughts on faith, family, and traditional American values.

Texas Independence Movement Targets GOP Convention, Pushes Secession Agenda

Texas independence campaigners are making waves at the ongoing Republican Party of Texas Convention in San Antonio, declaring their intent to "take over" the...

Memorial Day – American Minute with Bill Federer

Memorial Day in America, as an annual observance, can be traced back to the end of the Civil War, a war in which over a half-million died.  Southern...

Nearly 3 Million Illegal Immigrants Registered to Vote: Study

A study released by the research institute Just Facts revealed that between 10%-27% of illegal immigrants are unlawfully registered to vote.

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