New List Reveals FTX Mostly Donated to Democrat Causes

FTX, the disgraced cryptocurrency exchange platform used in fraud and money laundering schemes, has sent letters to politicians and committees demanding they return the money they received in the form of donations.

The collapse of FTX led to criminal investigations by the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been charged with fraud, money laundering, and violation of campaign finance laws. FTX co-founder Gary Wang and CEO Caroline Ellison have pleaded guilty to multiple charges.

A list of FTX political donation recipients, representing mostly Democrat causes, has now been compiled and revealed to the public.

The list was tweeted out on Sunday by Unusual Whales, an equities and crypto markets website.

In the tweet, Unusual Whales provided a link back to a page on its website showing a list of Republican and Democrat legislators in the House of Representatives and Senate who “have received donations from FTX members” and their “current status on returning donations.”

See the list below.

Member of CongressStatePolitical PartyHouse or SenateFTX-Affiliated DonorResponse Given
Aderholt, RobertALRHRyan SalameNo Response
Aguilar, PeteCADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghDonated
Alford, MarkMIRHRyan SalameNo Response
Armstrong, KellyNDRHRyan SalameNo Response
Auchincloss, JakeMADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Mark WetjenReturned or Plan to Return
Balint, BeccaVTDHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Barragan, NanetteCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Bean, AaronFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Beatty, JoyceOHDHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Bennett, MichaelCODSNishad SinghReturned or Plan to Return
Bilirakis, GusFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Bishop, SanfordGADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameNo Response
Booker, CoryNJDSSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Boozman, JohnARRSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Mark Wetjen, Zach Dexter, Ryne MillerNo Response
Boyle, BrendanPADHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Britt, KatieALRSRyan Salame, Mark WetjenDonated
Brown, ShontellOHDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Bucshon, LarryINRHRyan SalameDonated
Budd, TedNCRSRyan SalameNo Response
Budzinksi, NikkiILDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Burgess, MichaelTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
Burr, RichardNCRSSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Calvert, KenCARHRyan SalameNo Response
Cammack, KatFLRHRyan SalameDonated
Caraveo, YadiraCODHNishad SinghNo Response
Carbajal, SaludCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Cardenas, TonyCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Carter, BuddyGARHRyan SalameNo Response
Carter, JohnTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
Carter, TroyLADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Casar, GregTXDHNishad SinghDonated
Cassidy, BillLARSSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Castor, KathyFLDHNishad SinghNo Response
Chavez-Deremer, LoriORRHRyan SalameNo Response
Cherfilus-McCormick, SheilaFLDHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Clarke, YvetteNYDHNishad SinghNo Response
Cleaver, EmanuelMODHNishad SinghNo Response
Cline, BenVARHRyan SalameNo Response
Clyde, AndrewGARHRyan SalameNo Response
Cole, TomOKRHRyan SalameNo Response
Collins, SusanMERSSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Correa, LouCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Cortez-Masto, CatherineNVDSNishad SinghNo Response
Costa, JimCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Craig, AngieMNDHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghReturned or Plan to Return
Crane, EliAZRHRyan SalameNo Response
Crawford, RickAKRHRyan SalameNo Response
Crenshaw, DanTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
Crockett, JasmineTXDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Curtis, JohnUTRHRyan SalameReturned or Plan to Return
De La Cruz, MonicaTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
DeLauro, RosaCTDHNishad SinghReturned or Plan to Return
Devolder-Santos, George AnthonyNYRHRyan Salame, Clarissa Watanabe, Ramnik AroraNo Response
Diaz-Balart, MarioFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Dingell, DebbieMIDHNishad SinghNo Response
Duncan, JeffSCRHRyan SalameDonated
Dunn, NealFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Durbin, DickILDSSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Edwards, ChuckNCRHRyan SalameNo Response
Emmer, TomMNRHRyan Salame, Zach DexterNo Response
Ernst, JoniIARSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameDonated
Eshoo, AnnaCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Fetterman, JohnPADSNishad SinghNo Response
Finstad, BradMNRHRyan SalameNo Response
Fischer, DebraNERSRyan SalameReturned or Plan to Return
Fitzpatrick, BrianPARHRyan SalameNo Response
Fleischmann, ChuckTNRHRyan SalameNo Response
Fletcher, LizzieTXDHNishad SinghNo Response
Flood, MikeNERHRyan SalameNo Response
Foushee, ValerieNCDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Frankel, LoisFLDHNishad SinghNo Response
Frost, Maxwell AlejandroFLDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Gallagher, MikeWIRHRyan SalameReturned or Plan to Return
Gallego, RubenAZDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Garbarino, AndrewNYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Garcia, ChuyILDHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Garcia, MikeCARHRyan SalameNo Response
Garcia, RobertCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Gillibrand, KirstenNYDSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Brett Harrison, Mark WetjenDonated
Gimenez, CarlosFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Golden, JaredMEDHNishad SinghNo Response
Gonzales, TonyTXRHRyan SalameDonated
Gottheimer, JoshNJDHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Mark Wetjen, Nishad SinghDonated
Granger, KayTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
Grassley, ChuckIARSRyan SalameNo Response
Green, AlTXDHNishad SinghNo Response
Griffith, MorganVARHRyan SalameNo Response
Guest, MichaelMSRHRyan SalameNo Response
Guthrie, BrettKYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Harder, JoshCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Harris, AndyMDRHRyan SalameNo Response
Hassan, MaggieNHDSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Higgins, ClayLARHRyan SalameNo Response
Himes, JimCTDHDanielle BarrettDonated
Hinson, AshleyIARHRyan SalameDonated
Hoeven, JohnNDRSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameDonated
Horsford, StevenNVDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Houchin, ErinINRHRyan SalameNo Response
Hoyle, ValORDHNishad SinghNo Response
Jackson, JeffNCDHNishad SinghNo Response
Jackson, RonnyTXRHRyan SalameDonated
Jeffries,HakeemNYDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Johnson, BillOHRHRyan SalameNo Response
Johnson, DustySDRHRyan SalameReturned or Plan to Return
Johnson, RonWIRSRyan SalameDonated
Joyce, DavidOHRHRyan SalameNo Response
Joyce, JohnPARHRyan SalameNo Response
Kamlager, SydneyCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Kelly, MarkAZDSNishad SinghNo Response
Kelly, RobinILDHNishad SinghNo Response
Kelly, TrentMSRHRyan SalameReturned or Plan to Return
Khanna, RohitCADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Mark WetjenReturned or Plan to Return
Kiggans, JenniferVARHRyan SalameNo Response
Kildee, DanMIDHNishad SinghNo Response
Kim, AndyNJDHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Latta, BobPARHRyan SalameNo Response
LaTurner, JakeKARHRyan SalameNo Response
Lawler, MichaelNYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Lee, BarbaraCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Lee, MikeUTRSRyan SalameDonated
Lee, SusieNVDHNishad SinghNo Response
Lesko, DebbieAZRHRyan SalameNo Response
Letlow, JuliaLARHRyan SalameDonated
Malinowski, TomNJDHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Manchin, JoeWVDSSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Matsui, DorisCADHNishad SinghNo Response
McBath, LucyGADHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
McCarthy, KevinCARHRyan SalameNo Response
McGarvey, MorganKYDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
McMorris-Rodgers, CathyWARHRyan SalameNo Response
Menendez, RobNJDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Miller-Meeks, MarianetteIARHRyan SalameNo Response
Miller, MaxOHRHRyan SalameNo Response
Molinaro, Marcus J.NYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Moolenaar, JohnMIRHRyan SalameNo Response
Mooney, Alexander XavierWVRHRyan SalameNo Response
Moran, JerryKSRSRyan SalameNo Response
Murkowski, LisaAKRSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameNo Response
Murray, PattyWADSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Neguse, JoeCODHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Newhouse, DanWARHRyan SalameNo Response
Padilla, AlexCADSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Pallone, FrankNJDHNishad SinghNo Response
Palmer, GaryALRHRyan SalameNo Response
Panetta, JimmyCADHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Pappas, ChrisNHDHNishad SinghDonated
Paul, RandKYRSRyan SalameNo Response
Payne, DonaldNJDHNishad SinghNo Response
Pelosi, NancyCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Pence, GregINRHRyan SalameDonated
Pettersen, BrittanyCODHSamuel Bankman-FriedDonated
Pfluger, AugustTXRHRyan SalameNo Response
Pocan, MarkWIDHNishad SinghNo Response
Quigley, MikeILDHNishad SinghDonated
Reschenthaler, GuyPARHRyan SalameNo Response
Rogers, HalKYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Romney, MittUTRSSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Rubio, MarcoFLRSRyan SalameNo Response
Ruiz, RaulCADHNishad SinghNo Response
Ruppersberger, DutchMDDHNishad SinghDonated
Rutherford, JohnFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Salazar, MariaFLRHRyan SalameNo Response
Sasse, BenNBRSSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Scalise, SteveLARHRyan SalameNo Response
Schatz, BrianHIDSNishad SinghNo Response
Schmitt, EricMORSRyan SalameNo Response
Schrier, KimWADHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Schumer, ChuckNYDHMark WetjenNo Response
Schweikert, DavidAZRHRyan SalameDonated
Scott, TimSCRSRyan SalameNo Response
Simpson, MichaelIDRHRyan SalameNo Response
Slotkin, ElissaMIDHNishad SinghNo Response
Smith, TinaMNDSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Mark WetjenNo Response
Spanberger, AbigailVADHNishad SinghNo Response
Stabenow, DebbieMIDSZach Dexter, Ryne Miller, Mark WetjenReturned or Plan to Return
Stefanik, EliseNYRHRyan SalameNo Response
Stevens, HaleyMIDHSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return
Stewart, ChrisUTRHRyan SalameNo Response
Tester, JonMTDSNishad SinghNo Response
Thompson, BennieMSDHNishad SinghDonated
Thompson, GlennPARHSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameNo Response
Thune, JohnSCRSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Ryan SalameNo Response
Titus, DinaNVDHNishad SinghNo Response
Torres, RitchieNYDHSamuel Bankman-FriedNo Response
Trahan, LoriMADHNishad SinghDonated
Turner, MichaelOHRHRyan SalameNo Response
Valadao, DavidCARHRyan SalameNo Response
Van Drew, JeffNJRHRyan SalameNo Response
Vance, JDOHRSRyan SalameDonated
Walberg, TimMIRHRyan SalameNo Response
Watson-Coleman, BonnieNJDHNishad SinghNo Response
Welch, PeterVTDSSamuel Bankman-Fried, Nishad SinghNo Response
Wenstrup, BradOHRHRyan SalameDonated
Wexton, JenniferVADH`Nishad SinghNo Response
Womack, SteveARRHRyan SalameNo Response
Wyden, RonORDSSamuel Bankman-FriedReturned or Plan to Return