California Implements Sweeping Changes with New Laws on Guns, Fees, and School Supplies

Certain laws in California are effective as of July 1. These new rules tax weapons and ammunition, mandate that bars provide date-rape drug test kits...

Los Angeles Opens Homeless High-Rise

Los Angeles has opened its high-rise homeless shelter.

Secret Service Agent Robbed at Gunpoint During Biden’s California Trip

A Secret Service agent was reportedly robbed at gunpoint during President Biden's most recent trip to California.

L.A. Removes ‘Homophobic’ U-Turn Signs

Los Angeles City Council members reportedly removed “no U-turn” signs from a neighborhood, saying that they would be viewed as “homophobic.”

Arizona Attorney General to Open Investigation into Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs

The Arizona State Attorney General's office said it will be opening an investigation into Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs for reportedly being involved in a "pay to play" scheme.

Austin Grapples with Unprecedented Opioid Overdose Crisis, Four Fatalities Reported

Austin, Texas, experienced an "unusually deadly" surge of more than 30 opioid overdoses on Tuesday, resulting in four fatalities and numerous Narcan rescues, according...

California Sheriff Criticizes Newsom’s ‘Failed Leadership’

Riverside County, California Sheriff Chad Bianco recently criticized Governor Gavin Newsom over his policies on crime.

Canadian Human Rights Commission Says Christian Holidays Contribute to ‘Religious Intolerance’

The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) published a paper suggesting that predominately Christian holidays are linked to "religious intolerance."

Data Links Pesticides to Leukemia in Children

A study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that children living near vineyards have an increased risk of developing leukemia due to the use of pesticides.

Israel Eyes Gaza Ground Invasion Following Strike Reportedly Killing 16 Christians

Responding to these accusations, the Israeli military claimed that the strike on the church was actually aimed at a nearby militant command center and that the incident was under review.

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