Biden Tests Positive for COVID

President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, leading to him canceling an event with Latino civil rights group UnidosUS in Las Vegas.

A Federal Judge Releases A Man From A Prison Sentence Related To January 6

A court on Monday accepted John Herbert Strand's second application for parole, meaning the 41-year-old Floridian and Jan. 6 Capitol rioter will be released...

‘Landslide Lyndon’ – American Minute with Bill Federer

On September 2, 1948, Lyndon Baines Johnson ran in the Democrat primary for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Texas Governor Coke Stevenson. Governor Coke Stevenson was more popular and would have won, but there...

Senate Republicans Block Abortion Bill

Senate Republicans prevented Democrats from advancing a bill that sought to restore abortion protections.

Doctor Releases Letter Explaining White House Visits

Physician to the President of the United States, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, released a letter attempting to explain Parkinson's specialist Dr. Kevin Cannard's numerous White House visitations.

White House Visitor Log Reveals Parkinson’s Expert Met With Biden’s Doctor Numerous Times

The White House visitor log shows that President Joe Biden's doctor reportedly met with a Parkinson's disease expert numerous times this year.

House Oversight Chairman Demands Answers to Doctor’s Association with Biden Family

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) demanded that Dr. Kevin O'Connor, President Joe Biden's physician, testify regarding the president's medical assessments and any association with the Biden family's business dealings.

Iowa Upholds 6-Week Abortion Ban in Supreme Court

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state’s heartbeat law and ordered a lower court to dissolve its temporary injunction against the ban this week.

Biden Ghostwriter Held in Contempt of Congress: House Judiciary Committee

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold President Joe Biden's ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, in contempt of Congress.

Strengthening Our Faith Under Oppressive Forces: Brad Dacus

In our nation today, Christian values face unprecedented attacks from all sides.

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