DNC Approves Party Platform

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) approved its 2024 party platform on July 16 through a virtual vote.

Senator Bob Menendez Found Guilty in Federal Bribery Case

According to Fox News, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey was found guilty on Tuesday of federal corruption and bribery charges. A jury found...

1.5 Million Undocumented Immigrants Granted ‘Twilight’ Status Under Biden’s Immigration Policies

More immigrants are now permitted to work and dwell in the United States without fear of deportation thanks to immigration laws implemented under the...

‘Washington was Never Born to be Killed by a Bullet’ – American Minute with Bill Federer

In the decades prior to the Revolutionary War, tensions arose between the two largest global powers: BRITAIN, led by King George II, and FRANCE, led by...

Appeals Court: Clinton Campaign and Super PAC Misused Funds in 2016 Election

Today, a federal appeals court ruled that the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton and a liberal super PAC violated federal election laws by openly...

Senators Announce Bipartisan Bill to Ban Lawmaker Stock Trading

A bipartisan group of senators announced a bill to prohibit members of the House and Senate from participating in stock trading.

Trump Urges GOP to Pass the SAVE Act to Protect Voting Rights This November

With the southern border still unsecured and many states without Voter ID laws, Trump is urging Republicans to immediately pass the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act. 

Chicago Mayor Blames President Nixon for Chicago Crime

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) blamed former President Richard Nixon for the city's gun violence over Fourth of July weekend.

Biden’s Taxpayer Funded Gaza Pier to be Dismantled After Operating For 21 Days

President Joe Biden’s $320 million taxpayer funded floating Gaza pier will be permanently dismantled after only 21 days in operation.

Biden Administration is Desperate to Remove Verbal Gaffes From Interview Transcripts

A verbal gaffe made by President Joe Biden during his ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos was removed after the Biden Administration pressured the publication to change the wording to reflect better on the President.

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