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Dutch Farmers Block Roads in Protest of New Climate Mandates

Dutch Farmers set up tractor blockades in protest of government mandates reducing emissions this past week. QUICK FACTS: Over 40,000 farmers have taken to the streets...

California To Offer Free Health Care To Illegal Immigrants: $2 Billion Annual Taxpayer Cost

California will be the first state to offer free health care to individuals coming into the country illegally.

‘Jane’s Revenge’ Group Vandalizes Michigan Pro-Life Center

'Jackson Right to Life' in Jackson, Michigan has become the latest pro-life organization targeted by a pro-choice group over the past few weeks.

Thieves Across America Steal Gas to Resell Amid Record High Gas Prices

Thieves across the country have been stealing gas and reselling it amid nationwide prices surging.

Gov. Newsom to Ban Arresting Prostitutes for Loitering

California lawmakers have sent a bill to Governor Gavin Newsom that would prohibit law enforcement from being able to arrest prostitutes on loitering charges.

Ohio Police Department Cuts Back Patrols Over Gas Prices

Police department in Ohio has started cutting back on patrol cars due to rise in gas prices.

Canada to Implement Monkeypox Quarantine

Public Health Agency of Canada raises its Monkeypox alert to "Level 2," mandating travelers be subject to potential isolation and quarantine.

Mike Lindell Challenges Elon Musk to Analyze Election Fraud Data

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has asked Elon Musk to sit down and review the election 2020 fraud data.

Some Now Identify as ‘Cake Gender’

TikTok video reveals people now identify as "cake gender" to describe how "light" and "fluffy" they are.

Dropbox Hiring Manager Wants ‘Less White People,’ Hires Based on Race

A hiring manager at Dropbox says she doesn't like white people.

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