Jan. 6

Capitol Door Opened on Jan 6, Giving Over 300 Demonstrators Unrestricted Access: JTN Report (Video)

Security footage has confirmed that a door at the U.S. Capitol was opened during the January 6, 2021 unrest, enabling more than 300 individuals to freely enter the building.

Jan 6 Defendant Claims Authorities Protecting Ray Epps

Ryan Samsel, key figure in the mystery behind Ray Epps, came forward to tell American Greatness that “[Prosecutors] are protecting [Epps] like crazy."

Journalist Claims Jan 6 Committee Scripted Capitol Events

The event was entirely "scripted," said Just The News founder John Solomon.

Whistleblower Claims Antifa Members Present, Helped Organize Jan. 6

Andrew Copeland revealed to The Gateway Pundit from jail that he was an undercover Antifa member at the U.S. Capitol during January 6.

Ron DeSantis Mulls Pardoning Politically Targeted Individuals, Including Jan 6 Demonstrators, If Elected President

While participating in the "Clay & Buck" podcast, a day after his presidential bid announcement, DeSantis expressed his concerns about the perceived misuse of the FBI and the Department of Justice for politically motivated targeting.

Tucker Carlson’s Monologue the Day He Was Let Go Related to Jan 6 Investigations, Ray Epps

Frequent guest on Tucker Carlson's show, Chadwick Moore, claimed Carlson's planned monologue the day he was let go from Fox News was related to "investigations around January 6 and particularly Ray Epps."

DOJ Indicts Over 1,030 in Jan 6 Capitol Riot Probe

Twenty-eight months following the unsettling events of January 6th, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has revealed a significant update on the ongoing investigations.

FBI Misused Surveillance Tool While Searching Cases Relating to Jan. 6, Racial Protests

A released court order revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) misused a surveillance tool while searching for intelligence relating to the January 6 Capitol riot and 2020 racial protests.

FBI Whistleblowers Describe Agency Retaliation Over Jan 6 Information

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned several Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) whistleblowers regarding the FBI's actions surrounding the January 6 Capitol riot.

Conservative ‘Purge’ Within FBI: Whistleblowers Expose Bureau’s Politicization and Retaliation

Two whistleblowers, Steve Friend and Marcus Allen, saw their security clearances revoked after making protected disclosures.

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