Gavin Newsom Announces Campaign To Promote Liberal Agenda in Republican States Across The U.S.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced a national campaign to fight in red states, increasing rumors that he is running for president in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump Indicted by Manhattan Grand Jury on Campaign-Related Charges: Trump Responds

This marks the first-ever criminal case against a former U.S. president.

Florida Board Accuses Disney of Stripping It of Power Overseeing Walt Disney World

The board appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to oversee Walt Disney World's special taxation district in Florida is considering legal action after accusing the previous Disney-controlled board of passing restrictive covenants that limit their power, while also limiting their use of Disney-related trademarks, and Disney has defended its actions.

9-Year-Old Daughter of Pastor Among Victims in Nashville Christian School Shooting

A nine-year-old girl, daughter of a pastor, was among the six victims of the Nashville Christian school shooting perpetrated by a transgender individual who had previously attended the school.

Biden Admin to Use Taxpayer Funds to Support Young Climate Activists Overseas

The Biden administration intends to use taxpayer funds to support young climate activists overseas.

46% Of Democrats Say DA Prosecuting Trump Would Be ‘Outrageous Abuse of Power’

Democrats appear to be divided when it comes to the rumors of leftist Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg potentially indicting former President Trump, as 46 percent would consider it an “outrageous abuse of power” at the hands of a radical DA, Monday’s Rasmussen Reports survey found.

How Woke Ideologues Corrupted Canada’s Math Curriculum

Two plus two no longer equals four, according to members of the Ontario Mathematics Coordinators Association (OMCA), who consider the equation to be a white-supremacist dog whistle instead of a basic mathematical truth.

Amory, Mississippi, Residents Credit Praying Meteorologist With Saving Their Lives

Citizens of Amory, Mississippi, are claiming WTVA-TV Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan saved their lives after Laubhan prayed on television.

Leaked Jan 6 Video Shows Undercover Police Encouraging Protestors to Climb U.S. Capitol Scaffolding: ‘Go, Go, Go! Help Them Up!’

The video provides evidence that undercover law enforcement were involved on Jan 6.

U.S. ‘Strongly Urges’ Compromise As Protests Grow Across Israel

The United States has urged Israel to come to a compromise as soon as possible after protests continue to spread across the nation.

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