Private Chinese Network Aids Illegal Immigrants

An investigation from the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) found that a private network operated by a Chinese government agent aids illegal immigrants in entering the United States.

Oklahoma’s New Immigration Enforcement Law Sparks Clash with Biden Administration

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) chastised the Biden administration for suing Oklahoma before a new statute allowing arrests of undocumented immigrants by nonfederal police was...

‘Reverence for Life’ – American Minute with Bill Federer

Albert Schweitzer was born January 14, 1875, in a village in Alsace, Germany. The son of a Lutheran-Evangelical pastor, he won acclaim at playing the organ. He...

Jon Fetterman and Wife Injured in Car Wreck

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman and his wife Gisele were reportedly involved in a car crash in Maryland over the weekend.

Trump Slams Biden Administration, Says U.S. Becoming ‘Fascist State’

Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech at Trump Tower on Friday, the morning after becoming the first U.S. president to be criminally convicted...

Iranians Asked to Pray for President After Helicopter Goes Missing

Iranians have been asked to pray for the safety of President Ebrahim Raisi after his helicopter went missing on the way back from a meeting over the weekend.

U.S. State Department Issues ‘Worldwide Caution’ Alert for Pride Celebrations Abroad

The State Department has warned Americans traveling abroad to exercise caution worldwide.

Biden Administration Plans New Asylum Rules to Streamline Border Processing

The Biden administration is poised to implement additional adjustments to the nation’s asylum system, aiming to expedite processing and potential removal of migrants arriving...

Bank of America Terminates Account of Independent Journalist

Bank of America terminated the account of independent journalist Christina Urso without explanation.

Hyundai’s Zero-Emission Trucks Hit California Roads in $53M Initiative

The Center for Transportation and the Environment has launched a project in California aimed at deploying Hyundai Motor Co.’s hydrogen-powered trucks to enhance zero-emission...

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