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Enemies List? Fed-Backed Censorship Machine Targeted 20 News Sites

Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Epoch Times and Breitbart were identified among the "most prominent domains" whose election coverage was cited...

Gavin Newsom’s In-Laws Fled From California to Florida During The Pandemic, Records Show

Fox News Digital previously learned the Siebel family trust made a donation to a Ron DeSantis PAC

UNC Board of Trustees Protects Pro-Life Clubs Funding

The board rejected student government's attempts to cut off pro-life clubs.

DeSantis Office’s Scathing Reply to Invitation to Join ‘The View’

DeSantis's office responded citing aggressive comments made by "The View."

Whoopi Goldberg Personally Apologizes to TPUSA for Saying They ‘Embraced’ Neo-Nazis

Host Whoopi Goldberg apologized personally Thursday on ABC’s “The View” for claiming that Turning Point USA (TPUSA) “embraced” neo-Nazis at its Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL over the weekend.

Matt Gaetz Shows Copy of Hunter Biden Laptop

Gaetz said the laptop was entered into the congressional record and couldn't be 'lost.'

Trump Wins Turning Point 2024 Straw Poll by Nearly 50 Percent

78.7% said they would vote for Trump.

Turning Point USA Establishes Super PAC to ‘Aggressively’ Promote ‘America First’ Movement

Turning Point USA recently established its political action committee, Turning Point PAC (TPPAC), to “aggressively fight back” against anti-American ideologies.

Univ. of South Carolina Holds ‘White Student Accountability’ Meeting

The University of South Carolina held a "White Student Accountability Group" meeting for social work students last month.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Returns to Twitter After Elon Musk Purchase

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is back on Twitter after Tesla CEO Elon Musk secured a $44 billion deal to purchase the social media company.

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