Watchdog Says HHS Management of COVID Gain-of-Function Research ‘Does Not Fully Meet Key Elements of Effective Oversight’

HHS oversight of gain-of-function research “does not fully meet key elements of effective oversight" and "fell short in terms of transparency and performing reviews."

Church of England Announces £100 Million Reparations-Like Fund to Apologize for Slavery

The Church of England announced a series of measures this week in an effort to "compensate" for its links to the Transatlantic slave trade.

Dan Crenshaw Calls House Republicans Who Don’t Support McCarthy for Speaker ‘Terrorists’

Earlier this week, Crenshaw referred to those who do nut support a McCarthy speakership as "enemies."

Transgender Pioneer Rejects Today’s Gender Ideology

One of the first transgender woman who transitioned back to male says he rejects today's culture of gender ideology.

Blackrock to Take Zelensky’s Panhandling Act to the Next Level

Blackrock is the world’s largest asset management and investment firm.

15,000-Signature Petition Calls for Removal of Transgender Guidelines in Church of England Schools

A petition containing over 15,000 signatures has been submitted to the Church of England by a group of parents and members of the General Synod calling for the removal of guidelines promoting transgenderism in elementary schools.

The Third Annual Hoax of the Year Awards

I bring you this year's group of highly anticipated and remarkably exquisite hoaxes a bit later than in the past, as I didn't want to jump the gun (sorry, didn't mean to trigger anyone) and miss out on any developing late-year hoaxes.

Zionist Group Leader to Newsmax: Biden WH Antisemitic Event a ‘Total Sham’

Mort Klein, the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), offered a blunt assessment of the White House's recent roundtable discussion on combating antisemitism, calling the event a "total sham."

Unvaccinated Ukrainian Girl, 14, Adopted by U.S. Family, Rejected by Hospital for Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

A teenager living in North Carolina has been denied life-saving surgery by Duke University Hospital officials because she is unvaccinated against COVID-19, leaving her adoptive family frantically searching for alternative treatment options.

Lawyer Says Justice Barrett ‘Identified the Real Issue’ in Web Designer LGBT Case

Attorney Kristen Waggoner said Justice Amy Coney Barrett "identified the real issue" in web designer Lorie Smith's Supreme Court case over Smith's refusal to create a wedding website for an LGBT couple.

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