Ethics Complaint Reveals Adam Schiff Falsely Registered, Ineligibly Voted

An ethics complaint filed against Congressman Adam Schiff by a citizen alleging that he has committed election and voter fraud claiming he was both a citizen of California and Maryland.

Arrests and Suspensions Follow Pro-Palestinian Protests at American Universities

Pro-Palestinian encampments have emerged on over a dozen American college campuses, including New York University (NYU), Yale University, and Columbia University, leading to arrests...

Pro-Life Group Considering Legal Action After Being Placed on Extremist Database with ‘Hamas, KKK’

A pro-life group is considering taking legal action after its members were placed on a database that tracks extremists within the United States.

Former Gov. Hogan Walks Political Tightrope in Maryland Senate Bid

Andy DePaola warmly greeted Larry Hogan at his family's restaurant with a smile and handshake, but moments later, he offered a cautionary whisper. "I'm a...

FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Reports

The FBI opened a criminal investigation into the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse that claimed the lives of six men.

Nevada Health District Issues Health Alert After Las Vegas Visitor May Have Spread Measles

The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has issued a health alert after it was confirmed that a visitor to the Las Vegas Strip may have spread measles.

CDC Calls for ‘Enhanced’ Vaccination Efforts Amid Measles Surge

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that the uptick in measles cases may lead to "enhanced" vaccination efforts.

Hospitals & Healthcare began with Christian Charity – American Minute with Bill Federer

 The Byzantine Empire's School of Nisibis, founded in the 4th century, sometimes referred to as the world's first university, was a Christian center of scientific and medical learning, located in...

Massive Crane Deployed in Baltimore to Clear Debris from Key Bridge Collapse

A colossal crane approached the scene of devastation in Baltimore on Friday, poised to tackle the arduous task of clearing up to 4,000 tons...

William Penn’s “The Sandy Foundation Shaken,” and “No Cross No Crown”: –“Christ’s Cross is Christ’s Way to Christ’s Crown” – American Minute with Bill...

After Columbus discovered the New World, Spain grew in power to surpass Portugal as the largest global empire, giving rise the saying, the sun never set on the Spanish...

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