Authorities Identify Those Involved in Rainbow Bridge Accident

The Niagara Falls Police Department revealed that the individuals killed in the Rainbow Bridge car accident were Kurt and Monica Villani.

Former Maryland Mayor Sentenced to Prison for Child Porn

Former Maryland Mayor Patrick Wojahn has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for possessing and distributing child porn.

8-Week-Old Infant Reportedly Placed on Terror Watchlist

An 8-week-old infant was reportedly placed on a terrorism watchlist called Quiet Skies.

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Bank of America

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) subpoenaed the Bank of America after it gave the FBI customers' private information.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Reportedly Member of Private Pro-Hamas Facebook Group

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is reportedly a member of a private Facebook group that sympathizes with Hamas terrorists.

Pentagon Provided $30 Million to Artificial Intelligence Specialist Now Working for China

The Pentagon gave former California Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist Song-Chun Zhu $30 million in federal grants.

Women Search for Unvaccinated Sperm Donors

Fertility groups are seeing a growing demand for sperm donors who have not been injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

‘Pregnancy’ Searches on Google Direct Users To Planned Parenthood

A new report suggests that tested search engine results from Google show certain terms are in favor of pro-abortion sources.

Anti-Israel Protestors Storm Russian Airport Searching for Jewish Passengers

A group of anti-Israel protestors charged a Russian airport looking for passengers on a flight that departed from Tel Aviv.

‘Top Secret’ Hamas Plans Claim Terrorists Targeted Young Children

Hamas terrorists developed a plan to target elementary schools and a center for young people in the Israeli kibbutz of Kfar Sa’ad with the objective to “kill as many people as possible,” according to a report.

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