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Van Jones: Debate Performance Critical for Biden Against Trump

CNN commentator Van Jones has heightened the stakes for President Joe Biden, asserting that it’s “game over” if he falters in the upcoming debate...

DA Alvin Bragg Drops Charges Against Columbia University Protesters

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has dropped charges against 30 Columbia University pro-Palestine protesters.

RFK Jr. Excluded from Presidential Debate, Biden and Trump to Face Off Alone

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will now face off one-on-one in the first presidential debate, which will be televised by CNN...

Biden Administration Prioritizes Ukraine’s Air Defense in Major Strategic Shift

According to congressional sources and a senior White House official, the Biden administration is giving Ukraine's vital air defense capabilities top priority over those...

Ex-Trump Advisor Urges Nuclear Tests Amidst Fears of Escalating Global Arms Race

For the first time in more than 30 years, the former national security advisor to President Donald Trump is advocating that US nuclear testing...

Deepfake AI Calls Urge Voters to Skip Primary, Experts Warn of Election Risks

Many people who have received AI phone calls report hearing a voice instructing them not to cast a ballot in the forthcoming presidential primary....

Many Biden Voters Admit They are Only Voting For Him to Go ‘Against’ Trump

Most Joe Biden supporters have admitted they are only voting for him as a vote "against" Donald Trump.

Biden Campaign Says Video of G7 Confusion ‘Disinformation’

The Biden administration has claimed that the viral video of President Joe Biden wandering away during the G7 meeting is "disinformation."

CNN Poll Expert ‘Speechless’ After Trump Gains ‘Historic’ Black Votes

CNN poll analyst Harry Enten was left "speechless" after data showed Donald Trump gaining the support of black voters.

Biden Freezes on Stage During Fundraiser in California

President Joe Biden reportedly froze up on stage during an event fundraising in California over the weekend.

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