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CNN Caught Confusing Ukraine With Russia During Live Broadcast

Spectators caught CNN incorrectly branding footage of Kharkiv as part of Russia in the identifier of footage for their programming.

Virginia Attorney General Encourages Supreme Court to Do Away With Roe v. Wade

The newly minted Virginia attorney general is pushing for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion.

Boston Dad Removed From Heart Transplant List Over COVID Vax Status

A 31-year-old Boston man was removed from the heart transplant list and told he was no longer eligible because he had not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Afghan Refugee Found Guilty of Raping 3-Year-Old Claims Child Molestation Is Part of His ‘Culture’

A 24-year-old Afghan migrant who worked with U.S. Troops before immigrating has claimed molesting a child is no reason to go to prison, rather that it’s part of his culture.

U. of North Dakota Backs Off Transgender Promotion Following Parental Pushback

Parents in the state were warned about an upcoming transgender push by the University of North Dakota and pushed back against the policy.

Finland Parlament Member on Trial for Using Biblical Description of Homosexuality

Finnish Christian Democrat MP on trial for hate speech after saying homosexuality is a developmental disorder and a sin.

Vast Majority of Americans Don’t Want U.S. Troops in Ukraine

Recent polling indicates that only about 15% of Americans support American assistance being sent to Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.

Gov. DeSantis Demands Biden Admin. Revise Its Revocation of Emergency Authorization for Antibodies

Gov. DeSantis leaped into action against the Biden administration after the FDA revoked its emergency authorization for two kinds of COVID-19 antibodies as a treatment for the illness. 

Woman Experiences Cold Symptoms After Coming Into Contact With Escaped C.D.C. Monkeys

A woman who came into contact with monkeys escaped from the CDC is experiencing multiple symptoms, including Pink-Eye and a cough.

FBI Agents Search Illinois-Based ‘COVID Control’ Headquarters

The FBI has searched the center while investigating the multimillion-dollar COVID-19 testing business.

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