U.S. Navy Medical Officer Reveals Myocarditis Up by 151% Among Pilots

Lieutenant Ted Macie of the Navy Medical Service Corps revealed that health problems have drastically increased among pilots following COVID-19 vaccination.

8-Week-Old Infant Reportedly Placed on Terror Watchlist

An 8-week-old infant was reportedly placed on a terrorism watchlist called Quiet Skies.

U.S. Army Advertises ‘Covid Vaccine Not Required’

The United States Army is advertising that the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for new recruits.

Congress is ‘Totally Owned’ by ‘Globalists’: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn said in an interview with Joy Thayer of "Speropictures" that the House of Representatives is "totally, completely broken."

U.S. Military ‘Extremely Weak,’ ‘Overstretched’: Retired Brigadier General

Sending aid to Ukraine has caused the U.S. military to be overstretched, according to retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc.

Bipartisan Commission Tells U.S. to Prepare for Potential Dual Conflicts with China and Russia

In light of mounting global tensions, a bipartisan panel established by Congress has advised that the U.S. should gear up for potential concurrent wars with both China and Russia.

Former CIA Director Calls For Republican Senator Assassination

Former Director of the National Security Agency is now calling for the demise of Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

Less Than 1% of Illegal Immigrants at U.S. Southern Border Have Gone Through Immigration Court

A 61-page report from the House Judiciary Committee refutes claims from the Department of Homeland Security that migrants are being "quickly" removed.

Over 1,000% Increase in Chinese Apprehensions at U.S. Southwest Border

More than 11,000 Chinese illegal immigrants have entered the United States since June 2023.

Only 43 Troops Rejoin Military After Being Discharged Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Out of the 8,000 military members who were discharged due to President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate, only 43 people have now rejoined.

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